Extraterrestrial Encounters, Visions, and Messages in a Dream: Ancient Aliens, Prophecies, the Bible, Supernatural Births, and Alien Abductions


Extraterrestrial abductees often remember their experiences as dreams, easily discounted and discredited. But there is a long history of extraterrestrials communicating with humans through dreams, and of abductions and encounters remembered as dreams — a history as told in the Bible, and by the Babylonians, Greeks, Irish, Native Americans, Romans, Christian saints, Celtic peoples, and beyond.

Our memories of supernatural or divine experiences are often hidden in the mists of a dream, sometimes referred to as screen memories. Visions and dreams encouraged humans to follow new paths which they hadn’t considered before, and they warned us when to flee from danger.

Extraterrestrials took an active role in our lives whether as guardian angels, deities, supernatural benefactors, or friends of unknown origin.

The evidence is overwhelming that supernatural “dreams” are actually memories disguised as dreams, and that the “visions” of our ancestors involved extraterrestrial encounters.