Nordic Aliens and the Amazon Queens: Giant Warrior Women Who Ruled the World


In a remote age of human history, women ruled kingdoms so vast that you might even say that Women Ruled the World. These giant warrior women were born of the gods and in battle, one woman fought as fiercely as ten men.

They led armies into war, built cities, roads, canals, bridges, and irrigation systems. Amazons established botanical gardens with fresh-water fountains along major roadways to provide food and water for weary travelers.

Kings wanted to beget sons by the Amazons so they kidnapped and enslaved these women, and if husbands existed they were summarily killed. Soldiers who “caught” an Amazon and gifted her to a king were handsomely rewarded. It’s no wonder that Amazons formed women-only colonies in which men were forbidden to live. No more would men steal these giant women as trophies or force them into marriage.

Amazon accomplishments have often been credited to men, presumably by the same historians who were so incredulous as to deem the “extraordinary” and “unnatural” exploits of the Amazons “impossible to believe” as one described it. And yet, Amazon colonies spanned three-quarters of the world.

They were the Rakshasi demons of India, the Candace queens of Africa, the Gorgons of Greek legend, the white-haired queens and yellow-haired giants of America, the genii of Chinese legend, and one was born of a mermaid in a flying egg. All carried the genes of Nordic extraterrestrials whom we once worshipped as gods.