Nordic Aliens and the Forbidden Islands of the Gods: Flying Cities, the Giants of India, Human Creation, and Armageddon


Explore mysterious islands in the Arabian Sea populated with giant Greek gods until an aerial war between flying cities sank them. Was this related to missing biblical passages of flying towers, or the blue-eyed giants with red and flaxen hair?

Greek gods colonized India with a kingdom that lasted for thousands of years, these giants who frightened even the seasoned soldiers of Alexander the Great. And yet they also abolished slavery and taught humans agriculture, bread-making, silk production, music, and instituted laws similar to the Ten Commandments.

Combined legends from India, China, Arabia, Africa, and several islands including Taprobane and Panchaia depict them as a peaceful, reclusive people who shunned idleness, rewarded productivity, and distributed food to all of their residents. Women sometimes lived apart as colonies of Amazons, some of which practiced population control by having no more than two children each. They were renowned for their method of trading known as Table of the Sun in which not a word was uttered and the parties never met face-to-face.

On one island children were raised by the community, singular family units did not exist, and they banished outsiders whose conduct did not conform to the laws of the land. Elsewhere they voted for their kings.

Like Nordic aliens worldwide, descendants of the gods served as judges in all matters of law and the gods counted their life spans in centuries. Some were known as genii or jinn, or non-human giants who mummified their dead and displayed them in hollow crystal pillars. Others had forked tongues and spoke the language of today’s Nordic extraterrestrials.

Meet stunningly beautiful Rakshasi women that were demonized by human men who coveted them as wives, but treated them like slaves. Humans used every deceit to trick them into trusting us, and we wonder why they don’t trust us today.

Ancient Irish legends hold the key to why cows are held sacred by Hindus, and Hindu holy books hold the numerical key to human Creation in which the gods added their DNA to proto-Humans to create modern Humans, and the biblical Watchers who we think of as first-generation extraterrestrials may have been alien-human hybrids themselves.

Arcane numerology and the Babylonian King List merge with the Hindu Mortal and Divine timelines in perfect harmony with Earth’s extraterrestrial and human history including evolution both physical and technological, the creation of Homo sapiens and Adam, world empires, global cataclysms, the timeline of Christ, and the End of Days.

Explore provocative theories on the decline of humanity, the Antichrist, and the arrival of New Jerusalem in the sky — a massive flying city designed to facilitate the Rapture of humans to an off-world location for safety.

Discover the true meaning in the biblical book of Revelation when the End of Days will rock Earth to its core triggered by a disaster in our solar system, and humans will receive New Bodies in order to inhabit a New Earth.

Greek gods, Celtic gods, Hindu gods, Mesopotamian gods, and the Bible heralded the beginning of mankind in our current form. Norse mythology spoke of a second sun that would appear at the End of Days, and our ancestors spoke of a catastrophic “war in the heavens” that would knock the very planets out of their orbits. Cherokee legends also spoke of a second sun and the extraterrestrials who helped us survive two suns by “killing” one of them.

Will a second sun in our solar system called Nemesis or Death Star bring about the end of mankind as we know it? Is that why mysterious planets keep popping into view? Mainstream scholars would argue No, against all warnings from our ancestors who lived alongside the gods — the very Nordic aliens who traveled the cosmos long before we ever looked through a telescope.