Nordic Aliens and the Greek Gods of Africa: Lost Civilizations, Oracles, Robots, and the Bird Language of the Gods


Deep in the mists of history Africa was colonized by Nordic Greek gods, even to the naming of its regions: Egypt for the Greek god Aegyptus, Ethiopia for the Greek god Aethiops, Libya for the Greek goddess Libya, Garamantes for the Greek goddess Garamantis, the Hesperides Islands, the Atlas Mountains, Lake Triton, and beyond.

From the descendants of these deities came the white Libyans, white Ethiopians, the Amazonian Candace queens, Amazon warrior women who guided the chariots of war, giant yellow-haired Guanches up to 14 feet tall, the Hesperides and Pleiades goddesses born of the Titan Atlas, the red-haired Greek god Typhon known throughout Egypt, and the blue-eyed blond Berbers who could have passed for Irishmen or Scotsmen. Anthropologists have unearthed giant mummies and skeletons as proof, some with red or yellow hair.

The giant, Amazon women were stunningly beautiful and often kidnapped by men who wanted big, strong sons. The Canary Islands were a prime source of giant, golden-haired women whose skin was whiter than snow, but who fought more fiercely than any human soldier ever could. The islanders worshipped Greek demigods, and a statue of their ancient king resembled Zeus or Neptune.

The gods of Africa lifted us up and taught us how to grow and irrigate crops, domesticate herds of oxen, cultivate bees for their honey, and organize under a system of laws, just as they did in every region of the world.

Greek gods spoke to us through lifelike statues which served as oracles embedded with two-way communication devices. They spoke in the same birdsong language used by Nordic aliens today, a nearly extinct whistled language brought to Earth by the gods of the Bronze Age. Such oracles existed in Africa, Ireland, Greece, Mesopotamia, and for the Incas of South America. Their advice was specific and detailed.

Odin’s raven and other Scandinavian legends, books of the Irish druids, the biblical David and King Solomon, holy books such as the Zoroastrian Avesta and Koran, all referred to this language which is still spoken by isolated pockets of humans. Researchers have recorded and studied the whistled language which mimics spoken language syllable-by-syllable, and it spawned the phrase: “a little bird told me.”

The birdsong language was spoken by the mysterious Mound Builders of North America who left behind giant mummies of 8 feet tall and skeletons of 7 feet tall. These white-skinned beings had blond and red hair and may have descended from the Tuatha dé Danann gods of the British Isles who were kin to the Greek gods. Birdsong was also spoken by the Magic Wallas of Central America who “could not be conquered or killed.”

Beyond the pyramids of Africa and Egypt, thousands of dolmens were built by an “antique race” which predated Romans and Christians. Subterranean dwellings were protected with hidden doors. Loose-stone pyramids collected water from air. Lifelike robots and automatons assisted the deities in their daily tasks such as metalworking, guard patrol, and as servants and companions who were indistinguishable from living people and could carry on a conversation.

In the Kingdom of Meroë which at one point was governed by giant Candace queens, mummies were encapsulated in hollow crystal cylinders. They worshipped Greek gods and were so tall and strong themselves that they may have descended from the gods. The Candace queens surely did. This was the realm of the Nubians and long-lived Macrobians who possessed a Fountain of Youth. Some reached 8 feet tall and lived for centuries, just as Nordic aliens do today. Meroë was “the cradle of the religious and political institutions of Egypt” from which the arts and sciences arose.

One Candace queen worshipped the god Ammon, the Ammonites being connected to the Greek gods and protected by the Judeo-Christian god for their progenitor having entertained angels just before the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Remnant colonies of strange peoples still existed during the Age of Exploration, some with translucent skin, forked tongues, skin whiter than even the palest human, and the ever-present giants. Most were industrious, peaceful, happy, honest, generous, long-lived, and free of crime for their system of laws. Some avoided humans because we were the exact opposite. Stranded Argonauts during their quest for the Golden Fleece witnessed advanced technology and met goddesses in Africa who dissolved from view.

Why don’t we hear about any of this? Because it is forbidden history, banned by power brokers bent on destroying Earth’s extraterrestrial history. They altered the Bible, tore down monuments, edited the writs of the Church Fathers, burned books which did not agree with their politics, and what they couldn’t destroy, they labeled as forgeries.

Was the biblical Noah an extraterrestrial hybrid? His own father believed so and accused his wife of dallying with angels. Did Egyptians witness UFOs flying the skies around 1500 B.C. in an event so frightening that they fell to their bellies on the ground? Did the Fallen Angels disobey orders because of a challenge to prove that they could withstand the temptations of mankind? Read it for yourself — you be the judge.