Nordic Aliens and the Legend of the Four Cities: Scotch-Irish Druids in Italy, Egypt, and the Holy Land


Explore the Four Cities of Irish legend to which druid Abaris the Sky-Rider traveled in his flying machine, and from which the Tuatha dé Danann gods of Ireland came prior to their arrival in the British Isles — an arrival from the sky by a race of humanoids whose description matches that of the Nordic extraterrestrials visiting Earth today.

They built colleges, instituted a system of laws, gathered knowledge into the most renowned libraries in the world, controlled the rise and fall of rivers to bring water to the desert, constructed underground labyrinths, and brought civilization to the backwards people of Earth, and then they vanished as mysteriously as they arrived.

Discover the secret history of Irish druids in Egypt, Greek gods in the Holy Land, a child-savant (or extraterrestrial) in Italy named Tages who triggered a Golden Age in Etruria, the king of kings Osymandias and his library, the red-haired Hyksos Shepherd Kings of Egypt, the Tuatha dé Danann of Ireland raising the dead in Greece, the Otherworld history of Alexandria, the Italian Underworld of the gods, and clues that link diverse regions of the world together as if under one pantheon of related gods and not the unrelated gods as we perceive them today, and how greedy humans lined their pockets and destroyed evidence in a grand power play.

The location and identity of these Four Cities is an unsolved mystery that stumps even the best of scholars until you study the multitude of legends in Ireland, Greece, Egypt, Italy, Scandinavia, Persia, the Holy Land, as well as from Christian monks. Most believe that the cities were located in a single country being either Germany, Spain, Italy, or in Scandinavia, but the clues suggest diverse locations with each city in a different part of the world. Top contenders include the Alexandria region of Egypt, a city in Etruria (Italy), and the Levant region of the Holy Land near Mt. Hermon where the “sons of god” came down to commingle with the “daughters of men”.