Nordic Aliens and the Moon-Eyed People: The Ancient Alien History of North America


In Central America doctors of different colors came down out of the sky, mated with humans and begat 1,200 children. Nearby lived the Magic Wallas, a tribe of white Indians with yellow hair whom bullets could not touch. They flew through the sky, controlled the weather, and spoke the language of today’s Nordic extraterrestrials.

In North America a supernatural race befriended the Cherokee Indians and may have transported an entire village to another world as in the biblical Rapture. Flying machines empowered whichever Medicine Man possessed one, while giants produced children with humans in legends that match those of the flesh-and-blood fairies of Ireland, which in turn match encounters with extraterrestrials today. Evidence traces a migration of giant Nordic-type beings from Ireland and Wales to the Americas, where we’ve found giant mummies with red and yellow hair.

A North American base of giant white extraterrestrials existed just a few decades ago near where the Paiute Indians encountered mysterious white entities, and where Chinese monks saw strange white-haired women in the 6th century A.D. near the Kingdom of Fu-sang. This is the same region in which we’ve found an underground city-complex filled with giant mummies and advanced technology, and where archeological discoveries match the Fu-sang legends.

The conquistadors upon their arrival in the Americas encountered giant white-skinned yellow-haired Indians with ties to the gods of Celtic Ireland and Mycenaean Greece. They also met red-haired Indians who spoke archaic dialects of Irish and Welsh, and documented strange ancestral legends of travelers from distant lands whose activities suggest the British Isles. Were they ordinary migrants who made their way across the ocean? Or were they descended from the Celtic gods? Did they predate Native Americans whose own legends claim that humans are not the first peoples on Earth?

Inexplicable recessive genes in some Native Americans could be the Holy Grail of extraterrestrial proof, as would studying the DNA of big-headed skeletons, big-brained skulls, and giant mummies.

In the midst of it all were colonies of Moon-eyed people who came out only at night because their bodies could not tolerate sunlight. Archeological artifacts from North and Central America depict people whose eyes are always closed as if squinting, and gods wearing goggles as if to protect their eyes, were these the Moon-eyed people of legend? Is this America’s secret history?